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Know YOUR Game

Author: qwash, Posted On: December 28th, 2012, In: Career

I have the privilege to play basketball with some incredibly talented guys whom I call my friends. We play full court, 5 on 5, and as usual the most talented team doesn’t always walk away the winner. Last week my team took a tough lost at the hands of a team who had a ¬†shooter that scored most of the points. The lost inspired me to write this article because the three tips I gave my teammates, before the game, carried our team and I believe these tips work on as well as off the court, if applied with consistency. Continue Reading

Timeout: Recover for Your Next Performance

Author: qwash, Posted On: December 17th, 2012, In: Career

Every athlete needs a timeout. Fortunately for most of us, we are able to take two days off to recover. It is important that when you take a timeout you consider these three tips in order to help you recover for your next performance.

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