9 to 5 Athlete

3 Tips to Warm Up Before Work

Author: qwash, Posted On: November 26th, 2014, In: Career, Health

Waking up early in the morning is a hard thing to do if you’ve had a late night from working a home game; this is what you’ve signed up for. So to ensure you don’t just roll over and say “F#ck it”, here are some tips I use to start my day and get ready to put that work in.

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How To: Deal with Frustration

Author: qwash, Posted On: March 5th, 2013, In: Career

I’m not fond of experiencing the feeling of frustration in life. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve become frustrated from failed attempts at handling an issue for a client of mine. From this frustration came the idea to share my thoughts on how you can deal with your frustration much like I have recently.
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Know YOUR Game

Author: qwash, Posted On: December 28th, 2012, In: Career

I have the privilege to play basketball with some incredibly talented guys whom I call my friends. We play full court, 5 on 5, and as usual the most talented team doesn’t always walk away the winner. Last week my team took a tough lost at the hands of a team who had a ¬†shooter that scored most of the points. The lost inspired me to write this article because the three tips I gave my teammates, before the game, carried our team and I believe these tips work on as well as off the court, if applied with consistency. Continue Reading

Timeout: Recover for Your Next Performance

Author: qwash, Posted On: December 17th, 2012, In: Career

Every athlete needs a timeout. Fortunately for most of us, we are able to take two days off to recover. It is important that when you take a timeout you consider these three tips in order to help you recover for your next performance.

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How To: Build Your Brand at Work

Author: qwash, Posted On: November 6th, 2012, In: Career

Building a brand can be difficult without an exact definition on what is a brand exactly. I personally like the definition written by Seth Godin, which states: Continue Reading

Give Back As Much As You Can

Author: qwash, Posted On: October 21st, 2012, In: Career

Recently I had the opportunity to give back. It is very important as a professional in the sports industry (or what I call a 9-to-5 Athlete) to give back to your community and if unable to at least give advice when asked. A student from Defiance College, a co-educational liberal arts college, reached out to me asking for advice on how to break into the industry as a Graphic Designer. Below you will find our email correspondence for you to review.

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Why Should Athletes Have All The Fun?

Author: qwash, Posted On: August 7th, 2011, In: Career, Family, Fashion, Health, Overtime

As fans we spend our time watching our favorite athletes perform on a stage in front of the world to see. In the offseason, we find athletes driving the hottest rides and wearing the latest in fashion leading us to support them openly while secretly wanting similar items for our own enjoyment. We even follow athletes performance in the gym, between games, learning their individual drills so that we perform the same moves.

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