3 Tips to Warm Up Before Work

Author: qwash, Posted On: November 26th, 2014, In: Career Health

Waking up early in the morning is a hard thing to do if you’ve had a late night from working a home game; this is what you’ve signed up for. So to ensure you don’t just roll over and say “F#ck it”, here are some tips I use to start my day and get ready to put that work in.

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Why Should Athletes Have All The Fun?

Author: qwash, Posted On: August 7th, 2011, In: Career Family Fashion Health Overtime

As fans we spend our time watching our favorite athletes perform on a stage in front of the world to see. In the offseason, we find athletes driving the hottest rides and wearing the latest in fashion leading us to support them openly while secretly wanting similar items for our own enjoyment. We even follow athletes performance in the gym, between games, learning their individual drills so that we perform the same moves.

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