Author: qwash Posted On: March 5th, 2013 In:Career

I’m not fond of experiencing the feeling of frustration in life. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve become frustrated from failed attempts at handling an issue for a client of mine. From this frustration came the idea to share my thoughts on how you can deal with your frustration much like I have recently.

You can imagine how frustrated one can get after weeks of failures. You could quickly blame others for the lack of results. You may even blame yourself through self-doubt. Here are some ways to help you power through your frustration so you can achieve your goal.


Maintain A Positive Attitude

In 2012 I remember my favorite athlete, Kobe Bryant, had one of the worst shooting days I’ve ever seen. He went 3-20 in shooting but had the Staples Center audience shouting MVP at the end of the game when he hit the game winning shot vs. the Hornets. You would think that someone who misses his first 15 shots would be a little frustrated. Kobe’s reply,

“None of them went down. At that point, be patient, focus on the last quarter and focus on getting some good shots.”

You can read his entire response here.

Remaining positive during a tough time was Kobe’s key to success. Focus on getting in position to achieve your goal instead of worrying about your current situation.


Turn S*!t into Sugar

This statement is one I hold on to and it comes from 50 Cent’s book called the 50th law. I won’t go into too much detail about the book but I will summarize what I’ve taken from this statement and recommend that you buy the book.

This section of the book simply states that you take whatever negatives you see in your situation and use it to your advantage. In my case I see this two week issue as an opportunity to notify my client of the problem and build trust by revealing how hard I’m working to achieve success. By doing this, he knows he could’ve been dealing with a nightmare situation but I have his back. In the end, it should be hard for him to walk away from my services when he knows I’m willing to go the extra mile for his success.


In The End, Get It Done

It may seem like this section “Goes without saying” but that is not always the case. If you’re on the job then you may not have a choice but to finish what you started. However, some people who are dealing with frustration on a personal level, they may find it easier to simply walk away. For those without the option to walk, I would suggest that you face your problem. Whatever the problem may be make sure you do it in a manner that is smart and professional even if you’re not in a professional setting. Doing this should prevent the habit of walking away from problems you know you can solve.

It’s important to understand that frustration happens to everyone and at anytime. Your best option is to remain positive and use your feelings as fuel to get you through to the end. Focus on the 4th quarter!