Author: qwash Posted On: December 28th, 2012 In:Career

I have the privilege to play basketball with some incredibly talented guys whom I call my friends. We play full court, 5 on 5, and as usual the most talented team doesn’t always walk away the winner. Last week my team took a tough lost at the hands of a team who had a  shooter that scored most of the points. The lost inspired me to write this article because the three tips I gave my teammates, before the game, carried our team and I believe these tips work on as well as off the court, if applied with consistency.

Know yourself

Before the game I took a moment to reflect on my performance in previous games to identify my strengths and how I can utilize them. This is by far the hardest thing to do because you will also reveal your weaknesses and, if your not careful, those thoughts can send you into a tailspin of negativity. It’s important to think about your weakness, to insure you don’t place yourself in a bad position, but also think equally about your strengths and how you can use them to contribute to your team.

Know your team goal

Our team goal was to win the game by scoring more points, your team goals may be completely different. It’s essential to know what’s your team fighting to achieve or you will start to hurt your team’s performance. If you feel like you don’t know your team’s exact goal don’t be afraid to ask.

Know your team

Must people would look at this section and believe this should be listed at the top because your team should come first. I intentionally wrote this section last because before you can contribute to your team you must know yourself so you can contribute. With that said I approached my team with the following speech that sparked our 6-0 run,

Guys, for this game it’s important for us to play our game based off our performance today. We haven’t make a jumpshot all day so it’s important to look at other assets to get our points. We are more athletic in the backcourt and powerful in the front so let’s concentrate on driving to the lane on offense. If we play any other way it won’t be a happy ending for us.

We came out fast but we quickly lost focus trying to catch up when their shooter got hot. We lost 12-6 because we stopped playing our game.


Looking back at our lost is when my team realized that we didn’t maintain consistency with our plan. It ended in a lost at the hands of a team that weren’t better than us. I look forward to this Saturday, our team will be back together and if everyone maintains focus on the strengths, know the team goal, and trust in the team we should come out victorious.