Author: qwash Posted On: August 7th, 2011 In:Career, Family, Fashion, Health, Overtime

As fans we spend our time watching our favorite athletes perform on a stage in front of the world to see. In the offseason, we find athletes driving the hottest rides and wearing the latest in fashion leading us to support them openly while secretly wanting similar items for our own enjoyment. We even follow athletes performance in the gym, between games, learning their individual drills so that we perform the same moves.

But where is the connection? How can fans support athletes, relate to where they come from, and enjoy a taste of an athlete’s lifestyle without stress? 9-5ive Athlete answers these questions, learn about how to improve your quality of life in health, career, and style. Learn how to apply some of your favorite Athlete’s day-to-day routine to your lifestyle. Just because you’re not in the game doesn’t mean you can’t play by the same rules in life.

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