My Story


Hailing from Charlotte, by way of Dallas, Quinton Wash is skilled in digital strategy and design. His ability to think critically allows him to transform ideas into actionable plans. Passionate about developing business models and eager to help others, Quinton has created a brand on the foundation of approachability, personality, and mentorship. Over the years Quinton has: educated clients on email marketing and website best practices, developed campaigns for NBA All-Stars, and assisted creative students in transitioning from college to various professional sports entities to start their career. As Founder of his own company,, Quinton has worked with Marconi Award winner Rickey Smiley (Rickey Smily Morning Show), International Black Broadcasters Award winner DeDe McGuire (The Doug Banks Show), NBA Eastern Conference Champion Tamar Slay (New Jersey Nets), HBCU of the Year Award winner Paul Quinn College, and Ohio State University to name but a few. Forever curious, Quinton’s quest for knowledge keeps his skills relevant and flexible. Making his approach innovative and instructive.

Quinton Wash was born in Dallas, Texas. Before school started for Quinton, he was quickly relocated to Houston, Texas where he started and finished he schooling with his mom.

As a young child, Quinton was fourtunate to expereince the entertainment industry through the success of his father Al Wash where he was able to travel around the country with influential acts such as Kirk Franklin, Mary J. Blige and Fred Hammond. It is during this time Quinton’s goal was to one day experience entrepreneurship first hand.

During his teen years, Quinton started his fascination with web development by working with then popular social media platform Black Planet. Starting with the goal of developing the best profile on the platform, his popularity grew and was asked to design various member pages.

In his college years, Quinton’s interest expanded into party promotions and was once again immersed in the entertainment industry… between classes. Successfully managing the college life with entrepreneurship, Quinton was able to pull off shows at Sam Houston State University, Texas Relays (Austin, Texas), University of North Texas, and Essence Festival (New Orleans, Louisiana).

After experiencing a setback through an unsuccessful show in Dallas, Quinton’s path of becoming a promoter was halted. Quickly humbled by the loss he returned to his roots of web development. Working out of his father’s office, Quinton realized that there was real value in not only making money for companies but also saving them money.

Over the years, Quinton began and continues to serve as his father’s digital consultant where he has helped save thousands of dollars in developing ALW Entertainment’s brand in the digital space.

In 2010, Quinton signed on with Ohio State University Athletics Department. The objective was twofold, oversee the development of four iOS/Android applications and rehabilitate the digital marketing strategy.

Addressing the mobile app development project remained a top priority for Quinton and took special handling as the contract required additional project managers for the remaining mobile apps. Each app was responsible for swaying the attention of top-rated recruits towards Ohio State during the recruitment process. With extensive research of competing institutions Quinton was not only able to nail down a specific direction for the mobile app but also reach the final stage of the development process before launch. Before receiving the greenlight to launch the app into the mobile stores the remaining mobile apps needed to catch up to they all can be launched together. Upon hearing the news of delay Quinton noticed an opportunity to revamp his assigned apps and created a 2.0 before finally receiving final approval from his superiors.

During his time with the Buckeyes, Quinton noticed an inefficiency of the organization’s digital marketing campaigns. Email campaigns only communicated one game to each target audience. Upon further research, Quinton found that open-rates was currently at 4% and the creative team was swamped with orders to create a new look for each game on the schedule. Enter the “Buckeye Update”, Quinton’s answer to the Organization’s marketing problem. The new email campaign came online just 60 days following research and approval. After it’s launch, fans was able to enjoy a weekly newsletter containing the upcoming game and a list of games going on that week. The results of the switch proved promising with a rise in open-rates to 12%, a subscription increase of 35%, and a less stressed creative team.

In 2014, after walking away from collegiate athletics, Quinton was ready for the professional level of the NBA. Securing the opportunity to work with the Charlotte Hornets allowed Quinton’s expertise to grow at an exponential rate. Exposure to more resources and additional league support opened the door to creating various player campaigns for NBA standouts such as Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. As time continued, Quinton was once again in the driver seat of managing personnel and mentoring them on not only web development but also content creation. With graphic design already in his arsenal Quinton was able to add photography and web development  to his list of professional skills.

In 2009, the idea of came to Quinton’s mind. The idea was simple, create a platform to help businesses build their brand on through their website. Although the early years was met with success, Quinton noticed the Internet was changing. Internet user’s taste were changing and his clients needed to address the change.

In 2014, Quinton made a shift with by focusing on developing content-rich websites that focused on engagement not just viewership. Quinton’s idea worked, as his clients began to implement his advice their businesses began to grow and so did Now with a solid platform, Quinton seeks growth from in the years to come.